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Bloom: All-Natural Plant Food

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Luxury home plant care in 3 steps

Bloom: All-Natural Plant Food Details

How to Apply

Luxury Home Plant Care in 3 Steps: Measure, Mix and Pour!
Measure out 2 ounces of product for each gallon of water you use to water your plants.

Two ounces is about four tablespoons.

Mix the product and water in whatever container you use to water your plants.

Pour the mixture on your plants, being sure to saturate their soil.

That’s it!

Complete this once a month throughout one year. Follow this guide to know which product to use during each month:

Grow Plant Food: March, April and May

Feed Natural Fertilizer: June, July and August

Thrive Nutrient Concentrate: September, October and November

Our products have a shelf life of 18 months. No matter when you start Bloom, the products will be fresh and ready for each season.

When to Use

What can I use Bloom for?
Bloom helps plants by helping the soil. Plant health is rooted in the soil, so our products are designed to help plants from the ground up! Each product works to make nutrients more available to plants so they can have a sustainable, healthy source of active microbiology. Because of this, Bloom is helpful to any plant you could grow! We want to help make your plants comfortable in their own potting soil.

Bloom is great for:
-Kitchen gardens
-Rooftop gardens
-Apartment balcony gardens
-Porch gardens
-Windowsill plants
-Potted plants
-Houseplant fertilizer
-Indoor and outdoor plants
-Edible plants

Natural Fertilizer- Indoor Plants and Gardens
No more buying a product for different plants. No more harsh chemicals or questionable effectiveness.

SME is proud to partner with Southland Organics to produce Home. Southland Organics’ products have been proven to improve plant growth through beneficial bacteria, active carbon and essential microorganisms. With Home by SME, we want to bring these natural solutions to your living space.

Indoor plants, outdoor plants, herbs, succulents, flowering plants- Bloom is powered by microbiology to help all of them grow. It’s the ultimate plant hack!

How does it work?

How Does Bloom Work?
Bloom products use natural ingredients like active carbon and beneficial microbes to improve your plants’ health. All you have to do is add these liquid fertilizers to your plants' potting soil! Read on to learn how each seasons’ product is uniquely designed to optimize performance.

Grow- Plant Food
March, April and May
Grow is an all-natural soil conditioner. It strengthens the biology of your plants’ soil with organic acids and active carbon. Grow frees up nutrients in soil so that your plants can better receive them and, well, grow. It improves soil structure and increases water holding capacity so that your soil can support your plants as best as possible.

Grow helps plants that have already matured, and it is especially helpful for newly planted sprouts or seeds.

Feed- Natural Fertilizer
June, July and August
Feed is a root builder and nutrient enhancer. It provides a stable and reliable source of nutrients so that plants can reach their full potential. Feed is based on Chilean nitrate and phosphate and potassium solubilizing bacteria. This makes it great for prompting fast-acting uniform growth. Feed gives your plants what they need to produce.

Thrive- Nutrient Concentrate
September, October and November
Thrive is a compost tea that helps boost plants’ yield. It adds the beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa that your plants need to grow better leaves, flowers, fruit and vegetables. Thrive provides a natural food source for microorganisms and even helps protect plants from disease.

If your plants are a bit larger in scale than the Bloom bundle, check out the commercial crop products at Southland Organics.

Houseplant Fertilizers
The best way to keep your indoor plants in good shape is with our line of houseplant fertilizers. Each of these liquid fertilizer products has unique beneficial bacteria included in it designed to help your plants along in their growing cycle. You may not have thought it was important to fertilize indoor plants, but houseplants need nutrients just like outdoor plants do too. Bloom is a wonderfully simple way to fertilize houseplants as well as gardens, naturally.

More Details

What Do Your Plants Really Need?
Sometimes it’s hard to know what plants need- after all, they can’t just tell us. Finding sustainable, safe products can be even more complicated- is anything truly all-natural and effective?

When you’re growing a small vegetable garden, a few flowering plants on your porch or indoor houseplants, you need something simple that helps all of your plants grow. But some products only work on certain plants, and some are actually harmful to the environment or unsafe for your pets and family.

Bloom has all-natural, organic fertilizers for houseplants and gardens that provide plants the nutrients they need year-round. Take out the guesswork of plant food and let Bloom handle it for you.

The All-Natural Plant Hack: Organic Fertilizers
Don’t have a green thumb? You can borrow ours. Plant person who wants a boost? We’ve got you covered.

Bloom includes three products: Grow Plant Food, Feed Natural Fertilizer and Thrive Nutrient Concentrate.

Bloom helps you get down to the root of healthy plants with organic nutrients designed with science in mind. Our simple 3-step program ensures your plants are getting what they need, when they need it. All you have to do is measure, mix and pour!

Our products are effective on all plants, and you can jump into our 3-step program at any time of the year. Bloom works great as bot a houseplant fertilizer program or a garden supplement.

What to Expect
So, what happens when you use Bloom? Will your tomato plant immediately produce beautiful, juicy tomatoes? Will your succulent grow five new leaves in two hours? Will your marigolds blossom instantly and remain flowering forever?

Not quite. Nature doesn’t work like that.

Bloom works to naturally make your plants’ soil a great place for them to live. Each product works to make nutrients more available to plants so they can have a sustainable, healthy source of active microbiology. This is why Bloom is helpful to any plant you could grow! Plant health is rooted in the soil, so our products are designed to help plants from the ground up.

With Bloom, you can expect your plants to have everything they need to live a healthy life and produce to their full potential. You can expect full succulents, hearty vegetables and lovely flowers.

Ready for better, organic plant care? It’s time to Bloom.