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Coop and Plant Care Made Simple

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Home by SME sells all-natural products to enhance the living elements that make your space a home. Our goal is to support sustainable lifestyles with small-batch goods designed with science in mind. 

Make your Space a Home

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From herbs to pet chickens, the living elements of your space are what make it truly yours. Bringing touches of nature to your porch, windowsill or yard can make your environment feel like a home. But nourishing chickens can be confusing, and knowing what your voiceless plants need is tricky. On top of that is the fact that many products have harsh chemicals that can threaten the long-term wellbeing of you and the environment. 

You’re busy. It can be hard enough just to keep your social life alive, much less chickens and plants. Confusing products and complicated instructions just won’t cut it.

When your living elements suffer, you do too. Of course you want to have healthy plants or happy chickens. They can just be hard to keep up with or disappointing when they don’t grow as well as you had hoped. Finding a truly all-natural, sustainable product that actually works to support their growth can be difficult and expensive. 

Introducing Home by Soul Miner’s Eden

Home by SME has partnered with Southland Organics to provide two simple, sustainable bundles. These products make luxury plant and bird care possible for

bloom natural plant food

any backyard, porch or windowsill. Our science-backed products developed in partnership with Southland Organics have been proven to help plants and chickens alike live their best lives.

All-Natural Care for your Living Elements

Bloom and Roost are easy to use, all-natural programs that provide the nutrients your living elements need to thrive. With simple instructions and safe, organic ingredients, these sustainably-minded bundles effortlessly enhance your plants and chickens’ overall health. You can rest assured that your urban garden or backyard coop is getting the nutrients it needs while you enjoy your busy life. 


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