About Us

Soul Miner's Eden was founded on love for our land. 

The reasoning behind our name is important. We desire to be with nature. We were called to work. Work behind computers and desks and pushing paper is not what we were designed to do. Eventually that type of work begins to deteriorate what is natural to us. Tending yards and gardens is our longing. That work. True labor in nature is what nourishes our soul. We long to mine for the soil. We long to mine for production in and with nature. We long for a beautiful Eden to which we contribute.

We are a small farm and business tucked away just outside of Athens, Georgia. After years of supplying natural products to the poultry, lawn and crops industries through Southland Organics, the Usry family wanted to create another company that captured their passion for sustainability, family and community. And thus, Soul Miner's Eden was born.

Soul Miner's Eden now includes a beautiful office, lavender and eucalyptus fields, chicken coop, a community garden, a fully-functioning greenhouse and a warehouse. In addition to supplying produce and herbs to our staff and community, we are offering a growing line of natural products for home, garden and coop.  

soul miner's eden



Everything we do is meant to add value to not only our own lives but also to the land and living things in our care. We believe in farming God’s way and use practices that help restore land back to its original Eden, while we get to enjoy the fruit of its harvest!

The world is changing. Fertilizer expectations are shifting away from the traditional high NPK of yesterday. We have lost trust in the chemical manufacturers to a large degree, and are part of the movement to become natural and leverage nature.

Equally as important is our world's plea for pure environmental contribution by upcycling products from industries and using them where they are beneficial. We are answering this call by using ingredients that are effective alternatives to petroleum-based inputs.




Our farm is here to teach future generations the importance of sustainable agriculture. We believe in educating our children because they have the power to change the world. 

We are completing a 5-year construction and vision plan and are ready to market our products. We aim to be a beacon of education and a glimpse of creating an Eden in the yards, gardens and coops of homes everywhere.




We believe community warms the soul. Our staff works hard to provide the community with fresh natural produce from a local source. We want to inspire the community to come together around a table through premium vegetables and herbs.



Our Partner

We are proud to partner with our sister company, Southland Organics. In addition to sharing a beautiful office space with us, Southland Organics helps us develop products for our home-based audience. They leverage their knowledge on the commercial poultry, lawn and garden industries to guide us in bringing you safe, effective products for your home.