Nourish Your Body and Your Soul During Uncertain Times

Nourish Your Body and Your Soul During Uncertain Times

We are so excited you picked up your fresh produce box! When you buy from a farmer, you are buying food from one soul to another. Bringing home fresh produce will inspire you to have more meals around the dinner table. Before the start of the global pandemic, life seemed so busy. Instead of home-cooked meals, most days you had just enough time for the drive-through. Now with life slowing down, it's time to make lemonade out of lemons. Being at home with your loved ones is a great opportunity to share your life through food. Cooking is a great way for kids to learn important life skills and get back to the basics of simple living.

Our produce boxes are inspired by recipes from a lifestyle food blog, Epicurious . Here you can find delicious recipes made simple. No need to feel intimidated by the fancy pictures or food titles. With our produce box, you can easily be a five-star chef at home with the step-by-step directions. There is a recipe for every day of the week, making meal planning a breeze, especially since your box provides all the fresh produce required.

This week on the menu , you can choose from Rotisserie Chicken Magic, One-Pot Pasta and “steak” that’s really cauliflower. These recipes are sure to impress even your pickiest eater.

First on the list is Rotisserie Chicken Magic . This hearty salad will fill you up while delivering heart-healthy lettuce straight from the farm. Kick aside the ranch, and try making your own salad dressing with this homemade dijon and lemon vinaigrette. Sliced avocados add a cool creamy texture while delivering healthy fats.

Meal two is sure to be a crowd pleaser with rigatoni pasta and meat sauce . Even better than the rich hearty sauce is that it’s made in one pot! Use your onions, carrots and fresh basil to enhance your taste buds. We suggest turning up the Italian opera music and grabbing a glass of wine to transport yourself out of quarantine and into the countryside of Italy.

Next on the list is easy chicken tortilla soup with beans and cheese nachos . Who says soup has to be for winter? This is a perfect light soup for those warmer spring days. Chicken is simmered in a light cumin broth with a hint of lime from your produce box. Top with your fresh radishes and avocado to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds.

At day four, how can you go wrong with loaded baked potatoes ? These are a pin on traditional potatoes because they are a meal-in-one with the added seasoned beef. Top with monterey jack cheese for a filling meal made simple. Don’t have an hour to cook your potatoes? No worries, Epicurious gives you some tips for quick potatoes in the microwave.

Saving the best for last, this meatless meal will sure to pleasantly surprise every meat connoisseur. Using the last of your produce, you will make Herb Crusted Cauliflower Steaks with Beans and Tomatoes. This recipe calls for the large cauliflower heads in your box. The best thing about this recipe is the amazing lemon, garlic and fresh parsley panko spread that goes on top of the “steaks.” This flavor-filled veggie dinner will have your family saying “forget the meat, pass the cauliflower!”

Let this difficult time be a start for new, healthier routines. Opt out of fast food and stay home to cook delicious, fresh meals. Who says you can’t do farm to table in your own home? See you next week!

Even though our farm box program is discontinued, we still want to support you growing your own food! For information on gardening, check out our sister company, Southland Organics.

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