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Introducing Bloom: Fertilizer for Potted Plants, Gardens and More

It's Time to Bloom

Home by Soul Miner’s Eden has partnered with Southland Organics to create two simple, all-natural product bundles that help urban gardens and backyard coops get all the nutrients they need. Our bundle for plants is called Bloom. 

Bloom works by addressing plants’ nutritional needs. It contains 3 products: Grow, Feed and Thrive. Each is designed to be used at different times of the year. They’re formulated with a special combination of organic acids and beneficial microbes that help plants naturally absorb more nutrients in a consistent, sustainable way. 

Bloom helps you get down to the root of plant health with organic nutrients designed with science in mind. Our simple 3-step program ensures your plants are getting what they need, when they need it.



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Container plants, houseplants, garden plants, any plants!

all-natural fertilizer

Bloom is great for any gardening skill level. Don’t have a green thumb? You can borrow ours. Plant person who wants a boost? We’ve got you covered. 

Bloom is perfect for any plants that you want to grow in your home. Whether you have a small backyard garden, a porch garden or just a windowsill garden, Bloom has the active carbon and beneficial microbes that all plants need to thrive.  

From flowering plants to fruiting plants to just leafy plants, Bloom is beneficial! Since these products address plant health through soil health, anything that lives in soil can benefit from Bloom.

Most container plants don't get the love they need! Sometimes we only think that large gardens or crops need nutrient supplements, but that's not actually the case. Container gardens, house plants and potted gardens reach their maximum potential when they have the tools they need to make them as healthy as possible.

What's Included?

Grow: Plant Food

Apply in March, April and May

grow plant food

Grow is an all-natural soil conditioner. It strengthens the biology of your plants’ soil with organic acids and active carbon. Grow frees up nutrients in soil so that your plants can better receive them and, well, grow. It improves soil structure and increases water holding capacity so that your soil can support your plants as best as possible.

Grow helps plants that have already matured, and it is especially helpful for newly planted sprouts or seeds.

Feed: Slow release fertilizer

June, July and August

feed potted plant fertilizer

Feed is a liquid fertilizer for potted plants and small gardens. It's an organic fertilizer to feed plants what they need to reach their full potential during peak growing season!

Feed builds roots and enhances the nutrient content of the soil. It provides a stable and reliable source of fertilization so they have what they need to produce. Feed is based on Chilean nitrate as well as phosphate and potassium solubilizing bacteria. This makes it great for prompting fast-acting uniform growth.

Thrive: Nutrient concentrate

September, October and November

thrive nutrient concentrate

Thrive adds the beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa that your plants need to grow better leaves, flowers, fruit and vegetables. It takes the place of a compost tea that helps boost plants’ yield. Thrive provides a natural food source for microorganisms and even helps protect plants from disease.

How it Works

The three products in Bloom are designed to be applied during different parts of the growing season. Grow should be applied in March, April and May. Feed is for June, July and August. Thrive is for September, October and November.  

Once you’ve got the right product, all you have to do is measure, mix and pour once a month.   

Step One: Measure

Measure out 2 ounces of product for each gallon of water you use to water your plants. 

Two ounces is about four tablespoons. If you use more or less than a gallon to water your plants that’s okay- just adjust the product amount accordingly.  

Step Two: Mix

Mix the product and water in whatever container you use to water your plants. This could be a watering can, gallon jug or a bucket.

Step Three: Pour

Pour the mixture on your plants, being sure to saturate their potting mix.

That’s it!

Repeat this each month for one year, or until your products run out. 

Don’t worry- You don’t have to memorize all this! The application months and instructions are on each bottle and on a card included in your box.

Make sure you follow the application measurements for diluting the products in

fertilizer for potted plants

Bloom. If you use too much fertilizer, you can overwhelm the plant roots and harm the plant. If you have large outdoor plants and are interested in foliar feeding, Bloom can also be used through a sprayer. Use the same dilution rate and application instructions mentioned above.

Why choose organic fertilizers?

Exposure to synthetic fertilizers can cause a vast array of symptoms. Some are immediate, some signs show up later, some are direct and some effects are indirect. Synthetic fertilizers include many brand names, and include both liquid and water soluble fertilizer.

The synthetic matter used to reach the different NPK percentages of synthetic fertilizer can be different amung brands. Some chemicals used are more harsh than others, but they all end up being harmful chemicals to plants and animals. Fertilizing potted plants with organic fertilizers can help protect your home and the environment while giving your plants the best nutrients possible.

For detailed information on the disadvantages of synthetic plant food, check out this blog and video from Southland Organics.

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Please reach out to us with any questions by emailing me at Izy@SouthlandOrganics.com or calling (706)619-1866.

Larger Scale Gardens

If you have a larger scale garden or just a whole lot of plants to take care of, you may be better served by the garden products at Southland Organics. They are a bit larger scale and might fit your needs better!

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